Google wave could contain the better skill as savings helper

Each wave could be 1 fusion of 10€uros shifted into the self created property of 1 parcel of personalized-webliving-savings, cash-sharing-cash, by linking money upgrade. Adding self capacity, to gather living time of each personal savings action and a puted-value in  finance. Giving each person, the power to keep time action as an added timestock-value. Reforming Financial Act

In order to share production and daily multiplied results for ownership datevalors benefits or personal product from yielding wealth in Economy 4G3W. That is why we hope that Google could understand its Wave utility.

Because in your economic action it is now possible to prefer, to keep your cash and go cash, just linking it at the Universocial_Sovereign_Anchor to get free web results refusing all risks guaranted by Gool-Bama-Cash datevaluation.

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reginag said...

I need to learn every side of it, like how it works exactly.

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