Folks freedom to get cash from cash

We need a savings helper for universocial wellbeing. I'm proposing something for folks fredom to get cash from cash, keeping personalized cash acess at any moment. Just we need to create an Universocial-Sovereign-Anchor, and linking money-to-money by datevaluation of 10€ parcels using your Personal Webcashmotor you start on the enlarged Digital Economy 4G3W. This have to be your new skill making your economic life going up forever.


Google wave could contain the better skill as savings helper

Each wave could be 1 fusion of 10€uros shifted into the self created property of 1 parcel of personalized-webliving-savings, cash-sharing-cash, by linking money upgrade. Adding self capacity, to gather living time of each personal savings action and a puted-value in  finance. Giving each person, the power to keep time action as an added timestock-value. Reforming Financial Act

In order to share production and daily multiplied results for ownership datevalors benefits or personal product from yielding wealth in Economy 4G3W. That is why we hope that Google could understand its Wave utility.

Because in your economic action it is now possible to prefer, to keep your cash and go cash, just linking it at the Universocial_Sovereign_Anchor to get free web results refusing all risks guaranted by Gool-Bama-Cash datevaluation.


Plug in your link-for-cashcall

Roll over the cash for multiplying.

With your personal webcashmotor you are free to increase your Web_Selfmarqued_Space by the datevaluation of 10€uros parcels

- you cashput for more live-savings under cashkeeping mode because you keep the right to go back when you want ;
- you create Owndated Webquantum ownership because you manage yourself your bank-finantial power ;
- your assets in webfishing position are your webworkers because it produces cash-over-cash results.

That's why your webcashmotor is a motor-for-savings. !

Economy 4G3W is that, if things go for you in so that your cash is cash and cash produces results.

And you never have to pay nothing because your live-savings are webpowered and webaccounted at no cost. And daily at 12 o'clock you are able to multiply cash results. And day after day you are making weather by webcashmatic plusvalues production.

Well you have just move the classic saver mechanism from cash-cookies-banking-investment-risks, to upgrade by adding the money datevaluation practice with your links money-to-money for much-more-money inside your home.

Your economic life must go up forever. Allways cashkeeping. Always cash results

Even the elderly prefer personalized money into live-savings. And you ?


Tagline for linking money-to-money

Linking money-to-money is a money datevaluation by 10€ parcels. Each 10€ create 1 Owndated Webquantum (OW) for your webfishing position in your webcashaccount.Any OW is the personal property of his master's voice - its owner or datevalors person.

For you any OW is a fusion between your 10€uros parcel + the time-webdate of your datevaluation + your datevalors name.
This self-founded webjuris-thing becames your property because it is your creation.

First of all, into Economy 4G3W you are in cashkeeping mode forever. It means that you keep the right to revert from your datevalued money running the web and change at any moment your personalized money in cash bank money.
Then with more or less Owndated Webquantums, each one is one unchanged webdate and your time reserved for your 10€ savings association. It means that you got some Owned Timestock linked with your savings. Because you go cashkeeping. For you it is the rule NÂș 1. Because for you this mode insure your cash phasis for your universocial_cash_funds link, your random daily 12h00m New York cash results and your 24/7 production of webcashmatic plusvalues.



By the money datevaluation in cashkeeping mode you may link 10€ parcels (10€ each Owndated Webquantum) with the wuwanchor megacash amounts (Universocial-Cash-Funds) and join an organized-cash production versus cash distribution. STOP at Cash-SPOT.

Your Cash-Sharing-Much-More-Cash. By webcashmotor because it is webpowered. STOP at Cash-SPOT.

It means that your cash enter into webcash dynamics, to desserve savings's prime quality : your creation of digital savings, have to insure your inmediate in cash disponibility at all moment.

Because the money datevaluation proces has a cashkeeping mode and your personal economic action is for Mini-CashPut for MaxiCashCall. STOP at "Cash-Results-SPOT" every 24 hours by 12:00 local New York time.

So you link money for CashMaking-CashResults or you broke the link for CashCall-My-CashKeeping. STOP at Cash-SPOT.

When your webcashmotor start to run in Economy 4G3W you get a webdate for any money datevaluation if you are strong enought to save 10€ at least at that moment. The fusion of your (10€ + your@time) go up forever. STOP at Cash-SPOT.

One bank of technology creating a savings motor ?

If JPMorgan or another bank of technology is handling the 4th economic gesture over the money and running to open the 4G3W, in our team we are not selling any rights. Just we stay open to listen.

The savings motor, is so small as cellphone with just a new window on the little screen to activate your datevalors account. You-do-mark-your-money just with your finger. Soon just if you brain-it, turning under skin nanotech implanted biomoney self decision.

The technology running 4G3W automatic plusvalues cashkeeping is now going out of the WUW's ROPES (Researh Office Protocols Encoding Security) as the first step in rights agreements before the software big public production. It was the job of our techies and engineers.

Now, Silicon teams, Nokia, Google, Windows, are challenged to win the 4G3W screen to datevalue the money. We keep the basis 4G3W rights for everybody.

By the moment the screen that allows "you-do-mark-your-money" or the link "money-to-money" is owner's free. And the banks of technology are not at the owned timestock market.


Cash-Sharing-Cash is the link for personalized datevaluation money-to-money action.
By this investment’s substitute the datevalors share an organized web-cash-production which production anchor is the Universocial_Cash_Funds.
Give us your advice and expertise. Welcome aboard.