Tagline for linking money-to-money

Linking money-to-money is a money datevaluation by 10€ parcels. Each 10€ create 1 Owndated Webquantum (OW) for your webfishing position in your webcashaccount.Any OW is the personal property of his master's voice - its owner or datevalors person.

For you any OW is a fusion between your 10€uros parcel + the time-webdate of your datevaluation + your datevalors name.
This self-founded webjuris-thing becames your property because it is your creation.

First of all, into Economy 4G3W you are in cashkeeping mode forever. It means that you keep the right to revert from your datevalued money running the web and change at any moment your personalized money in cash bank money.
Then with more or less Owndated Webquantums, each one is one unchanged webdate and your time reserved for your 10€ savings association. It means that you got some Owned Timestock linked with your savings. Because you go cashkeeping. For you it is the rule Nº 1. Because for you this mode insure your cash phasis for your universocial_cash_funds link, your random daily 12h00m New York cash results and your 24/7 production of webcashmatic plusvalues.

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