By the money datevaluation in cashkeeping mode you may link 10€ parcels (10€ each Owndated Webquantum) with the wuwanchor megacash amounts (Universocial-Cash-Funds) and join an organized-cash production versus cash distribution. STOP at Cash-SPOT.

Your Cash-Sharing-Much-More-Cash. By webcashmotor because it is webpowered. STOP at Cash-SPOT.

It means that your cash enter into webcash dynamics, to desserve savings's prime quality : your creation of digital savings, have to insure your inmediate in cash disponibility at all moment.

Because the money datevaluation proces has a cashkeeping mode and your personal economic action is for Mini-CashPut for MaxiCashCall. STOP at "Cash-Results-SPOT" every 24 hours by 12:00 local New York time.

So you link money for CashMaking-CashResults or you broke the link for CashCall-My-CashKeeping. STOP at Cash-SPOT.

When your webcashmotor start to run in Economy 4G3W you get a webdate for any money datevaluation if you are strong enought to save 10€ at least at that moment. The fusion of your (10€ + your@time) go up forever. STOP at Cash-SPOT.

One bank of technology creating a savings motor ?

If JPMorgan or another bank of technology is handling the 4th economic gesture over the money and running to open the 4G3W, in our team we are not selling any rights. Just we stay open to listen.

The savings motor, is so small as cellphone with just a new window on the little screen to activate your datevalors account. You-do-mark-your-money just with your finger. Soon just if you brain-it, turning under skin nanotech implanted biomoney self decision.

The technology running 4G3W automatic plusvalues cashkeeping is now going out of the WUW's ROPES (Researh Office Protocols Encoding Security) as the first step in rights agreements before the software big public production. It was the job of our techies and engineers.

Now, Silicon teams, Nokia, Google, Windows, are challenged to win the 4G3W screen to datevalue the money. We keep the basis 4G3W rights for everybody.

By the moment the screen that allows "you-do-mark-your-money" or the link "money-to-money" is owner's free. And the banks of technology are not at the owned timestock market.


Cash-Sharing-Cash is the link for personalized datevaluation money-to-money action.
By this investment’s substitute the datevalors share an organized web-cash-production which production anchor is the Universocial_Cash_Funds.
Give us your advice and expertise. Welcome aboard.

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